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About Me

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Hello. Thank you for finding me. I’m Angelena Boden and at the time of writing this, I’m in my magical sixties and onto my third career.

Over the past 35 years, I’ve specialised in interpersonal skills development, advanced communication and conflict resolution. My training consultancy has taken me all over the world and I have to say I did very little marketing. My success has relied on positive word of mouth. ‘You’re only as good as your last gig,’ a musician friend of mine once said.

This exciting new world of the internet and social media has made reaching my readers and my clients so much more fun.

After a ten-year teaching career, I set up my own training consultancy which brought all manner of exciting and unusual contracts. I ran a Charm School for nightclub door staff back in the 80’s, worked in Belfast helping people to find a new purpose in life and work after The Troubles and developed ‘customer service excellence’ training materials for the Atlanta and Sydney Olympics and other notable sporting events.

My sixtieth birthday

was a milestone. Nothing I had done before held any appeal. I wanted to write a novel but was put off all the boulders people seemed keen to roll in my path. Getting published is impossible these days unless you self-publish and then you’ve got to be discovered was the most frequent comment. Well, I proved them wrong.

As well as writing fiction based on real life issues, I coach and counsel people who find themselves at a crossroads in life or battling against forces which seem to conspire against them; Career choices, redundancy crisis, money problems, relationship meltdowns, loneliness, stress and the empty nest. Fears about our children’s future, lack of physical energy, emotional overload can push us to the bottom of the well.

I’ve been there so I can empathise.

If life isn’t making much sense to you right now or you feel you are running into proverbial brick walls, why not drop me a line and see if we can work it through together.

We can’t conquer the world, but together we can find the key to unlock the door which is keeping you in your prison.